About us

Our Vision

Massivit’s vision is to transform manufacturing of large parts from traditional processes to ultra-fast, digital fabrication using industrial-grade materials. Driven by a passion to solve real-world manufacturing needs, Massivit has developed a portfolio of large-scale 3D printers that are enabling customers across 40 countries to automate their production, reduce manufacturing costs, and minimize waste. We envision a new era in Industry 4.0 manufacturing enabling onsite, sustainable, custom fabrication.



With 50 live patents, we continually invent new market applications and technological features to simplify customers’ production workflows and innovate new manufacturing possibilities.


Our proven technology has been adopted across a range of manufacturing markets and won multiple industry awards. Massivit’s team of additive manufacturing experts, R&D, business, and service professionals are committed to providing personalized services.


We are committed to our customer success and to solving real-word manufacturing needs. Many of our winning industry applications have spawned from collaborations and knowledge sharing with our inventive customers.


We’re focused on making it easy for you to stay green. Enjoy sustainable, efficient digital printing. Use only the core material required, eliminate waste associated with CNC machining, and remove the need for extensive support structures.


Massivit’s widely-used GDP technology, installed across 40 countries, leverages instantly-curing photo polymer materials that cure on-the-fly. Print large, complex components at 30 times the speed of other technologies. Create durable, lightweight composite parts with minimal waste.