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Produce fast and cost-effective large prototypes, mockups, and tooling with breakthrough additive manufacturing technology.

Scale One at Lightning Speed

Dramatically shorten your workflow and time to market.



Large 3D Printing for architecture, concrete concrete construction, interior design, restoration, sculptures, street furniture

Image Credits: Computer chassis 3D printed by Sid Installation Art, commissioned/designed by InWin Inc.  

Until now, there has been a recognized market gap when it comes to cost-effective production of full-scale, industrial prototypes, mockups and tooling. Throughout multiple industries, traditional fabrication methods have involved clay, cardboard, metal, or foam. Massivit 3D brings to market radical-speed additive manufacturing – based on unique photo polymeric technology – for scale one prototypes, mockups and tooling based on pioneering photo polymeric technology.

Produce large, single parts, up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) within hours


Digital Accuracy, Size, Quality, Speed :

  • Mega-volume fabrication eradicates the need to assemble multiple small parts
  • Variable Resolution allows you to control and combine optimum quality and strength
  • Create multiple iterations in no time, cutting down your workflow

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Thermoforming Tool for Aerospace POC

Large-scale tooling for Aerospace parts generally requires multiple processes, is slow, costly, and produces a lot of waste. ACS Hybrid Inc. and 3D Composites conducted a Proof of Concept to test a large-scale tool produced with the Massivit 1800 Pro. The initial additive manufactured part needed to be produced with high precision and to withstand 50 pulls. Find out how large-volume 3D printing significantly reduced the time, cost, and waste needed to produce a mold.

Read the full Proof of Concept here

SEMA Launch of Wide Body Kit Prototype

An industry first – the 2020 Supra MK5 Widebody Kit was launched at SEMA 2019. The kit prototype was 3D printed in 16 parts in just 64 hours. “This was a crazy timeline that would not have been possible without the 3D printer. Since Massivit 3D can print on such a large scale, they are really pushing the envelope on what the industry will start seeing here” said TJ Hunt.

See the full story here.

World-First Full Scale 3D Printed Concept Car for FAI

Takumi Yamamoto, renowned designer of the GT by Citroen, unveils the world’s first 3D printed scale concept car, produced on a Massivit 1800 by Marie 3D. Commissioned by the prestigious Festival Automobile International in Paris, FAI President Rémi Depoix said: “I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.”

Watch the DB Project video here.

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