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Large-scale 3D printing allows new possibilities in realizing unique products – from design to production. Create extraordinary, full-scale parts and prototypes at 30 times the speed!


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Realize Extraordinary Designs Without Limitations

Concept Modeling | Functional Prototyping

Allow your designers to formulate any new idea at rocket speed with industrial 3D printers. Achieve unique geometries with ease. Create full-scale functional prototypes in one piece with digital precision. Prototypes that look, feel, and perform like your final product. Choose from a range of purpose-designed materials.

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Create Stunning Product Lines from Tailored Molds

Automated Molding

Bring new, exciting product lines to market using any geometry. Directly print molds from a CAD file or 3D scan and speed up your tooling time by 80%. Say goodbye to unnecessary material waste and costs associated with conventional tooling methods.

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30 Times Faster

Custom Manufacturing

Digital fabrication allows you to optimize your design-to-product workflow like never before. Achieve ultra-fast design cycles. Iterate revisions with ease based on digital adjustments. Reduce downtime and get your new product lines to market super-fast.

Confidentiality Assured

Bring all stages of production in-house to ensure your designs and IP stay safe.

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