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Industrial 3D Printers for Next-Gen Manufacturing

Massivit’s advanced additive manufacturing systems allow you to automate production of large parts to take your business to the next level. Print industrial, custom components at unprecedented speed.

Industrial 3D Printers



Automate your Mold Production for Composites

The Massivit 10000 additive manufacturing system dramatically speeds up mold production for composite materials manufacturing. Directly print industrial molds, plugs, tools, jigs, and fixtures within a matter of days instead of weeks. Minimize waste and cut down on labor costs.

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Print Large Industrial Parts Extra Fast

The Massivit 5000 industrial-grade 3D printer enables full-scale, custom manufacturing and functional prototyping. Print large, custom components for automotive, marine, and railway applications at unprecedented speed. Cut costs and reduce waste.



Affordable Large-Format 3D Printer for Business Growth

The Massivit 3000 brings to market an affordable, large-format 3D printer for forward-thinking businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge and increase their profit margins by offering a wide range of extraordinary creative applications at phenomenal speed.

Massivit 3000 Affordable Large-Format 3D Printer


Advanced 3D Printing & Casting Materials

Massivit’s high-performance printing and casting materials enable high-speed custom manufacturing, tooling, and prototyping. Learn more about Massivit’s collaboration with Sika to co-market advanced digital tooling materials.

SikaBiresin CIM 120 Digital Tooling Material

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Company has Received Two Additional Strategic Purchase Orders from Bombardier, Canadian Aerospace Company and Navistar, an American Transportation Company
The Highly Anticipated Massivit 3000 Printer Provides an Affordable, High-Performance 3D Printing Solution for the 3D Printing Community
The Highly Anticipated Massivit 3000 Printer Provides an Affordable, High-Performance 3D Printing Solution for Print Service Providers and Entertainment Fabricators
The advent of 3D printing ushered in a new era of possibilities in the evolving realm of manufacturing. When exploring industrial 3D printers and their potential to impact your business, the excitement is tangible. However, amid this excitement, navigating the intricate landscape of technical specifications becomes crucial. This guide aims to empower you, guiding you the choices and assisting you in selecting the right industrial large format 3D printer for your business needs.
Duty-Free attracts crowds at Sydney Airport with gorgeous dragon 3D printed for the Chinese New Year! Extraordinary activation, measuring 4m x 1.5m, was printed by Australia’s Art & Soul Creations on a Massivit 5000
In the world of recreational vehicles (RVs), customization is key. Whether catering to luxury travelers, digital nomads, or adventurous souls, RV manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative ways to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Enter 3D printing, a revolutionary technology that is reshaping the way RVs are designed, produced, and enjoyed across all segments of the market.
There is a remarkable increase in the prevalence of drones (according to Gartner) and they’re not just employed for military purposes.
As yacht designs advance to incorporate stunning, intricate geometries, traditional boatbuilding methods present significant challenges. Read this case study to discover how industrial 3D printers can provide custom manufacturing for super yachts at extraordinarily high speeds.