Giant Golden Dragon Draws Crowds at Sydney Airport – Elevating Retail Design to the Next Level

Duty-Free attracts crowds at Sydney Airport with gorgeous dragon 3D printed for the Chinese New Year! Extraordinary activation, measuring 4m x 1.5m, was printed by Australia's Art & Soul Creations on a Massivit 5000
3D printed Chinese dragon

Heinemann Tax and Duty-Free recently took center stage at Sydney Airport with their extraordinary 3D-printed Lunar New Year dragon activation, produced by Australia-based Art & Soul Creations. The large and intricate golden dragon, measuring 4m x 1.5m, was created on a Massivit 5000 large-format 3D printer with a phenomenal two-day turnaround, showcasing the printer’s unparalleled speed and efficiency.

The Massivit 5000 Series, known for its swift additive manufacturing capabilities, played a crucial role in the rapid production of the dragon. Leveraging Massivit’s Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, the printer enabled Art & Soul to print a giant, complex Chinese dragon at an astonishing speed –as Massivit’s technology is 30 times faster than traditional Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Dragon tail, large-format 3D printer

The installation will be featured in 2 additional travel retail activations for Heinemann’s pre-golden week and golden week in 2024 at Sydney Airport.

Heinemann Australia’s Managing Director, George Tsoukalas, reported a dramatic increase in consumer traffic resulting from the stunning display: “It’s always a pleasure to work with Art & Soul Creations, the team’s expertise and passion for spatial design and experiential retail activations make for quick turnarounds with quality craftsmanship. This year’s 3D-printed Lunar New Year Dragon was a showstopper and exceeded our expectations. We saw a significant increase in foot traffic, and their signage solutions both enhanced our brand visibility and breathed life and theatre into the popup space as travellers would stop for photos and leave with a lasting impression of their time in Sydney.”

Giant retail point of purchase display 3D printed

The dragon, a symbol of strength and good fortune in Chinese culture was meticulously crafted by Art & Soul’s skilled team. After printing the dragon, the artisans focused on refining its surface through sanding and smoothing, culminating in an even application of regal gold spray paint. The final masterpiece is now the centerpiece of Sydney Airport’s Lunar New Year display, serving as a testament to Art & Soul’s expertise in spatial design, fabrication, and installation. This project showcased the Massivit 5000’s capabilities in high-speed 3D printing and Art & Soul Creations’ commitment to delivering intricate 3D displays for special occasions.


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