Massivit to Present the Massivit 5000 Industrial 3D Printer and High-Impact Printing Material at IAAPA Expo Europe in Vienna, Austria on September 26th-28th

Massivit to Present the Massivit 5000 Industrial 3D Printer and High-Impact Printing Material at IAAPA Expo Europe in Vienna, Austria
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Live Demonstrations of the Large-Scale 3D Printer Will Be Presented Throughout the Event and Samples of the Company’s High-Impact DIM 400 Printing Material Will Be Showcased in Addition to a Range of Large Printed Props and Displays


LOD, Israel, 22nd September — Massivit 3D Printing Technologies (TASE: MSVT), a leading provider of industrial 3D printing systems will showcase the Massivit 5000 large-scale 3D printer at IAAPA Expo Europe in Vienna, Austria this month. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch live printing demonstrations at Booth #B-2027 and to see a variety of sample components printed using the company’s new DIM 400 material that enables high impact resistance as well as up to a 25% faster printing speed.


IAAPA EXPO EUROPE Visitors Are Invited to Book a Personal Booth Meeting or Demo.


Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP), the technology behind the Massivit 5000, has been adopted across 40 countries to date. This unique gel-based system enables fabricators to rapidly create giant, immersive sets, environments, props, and characters at up to 30 times the speed of other technologies.

IAAPA Expo visitors to the Massivit booth will have the opportunity to see sample models printed with Massivit’s new DIM 400 material – the strongest and toughest of the company’s high-performance GDP materials. DIM 400 offers high impact resistance, toughness, superior strength, and up to a 25% increased production speed, making it ideal for custom manufacturing of end parts, functional prototypes, geometric cores for composite layups, and large jigs and fixtures. This advanced photo polymer has a high Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) enabling production of large parts that can withstand elevated temperatures.

Event attendees will experience the exceptional build volume of the Massivit 5000 (1450 x 1110 x 1800mm), already recognized as the global leader in large-scale 3D printing systems for the scenic fabrication and visual communication arenas. The 5000 enables fabricators to digitally produce full-scale, complex creations within a matter of hours for amusement parks, event displays, film and theater sets, and custom gaming constructions.

Booth visitors will discover an array of new and extraordinary customer projects and case studies at the Massivit booth, including a 3-meter giant shark head printed by France 3D – a brand of Distri-Com Group – for a 2023 blockbuster film premiere campaign.

Distri-Com Group’s Commercial Director, Thierry Clicquot De Mentq, commented “Our high-profile customers and brands constantly seek new ways to engage their audiences with eye-catching campaigns. We acquired the Massivit 5000 3D printer to allow us to respond to this demand and to expand our business services with outstanding, large-format printing capabilities. We can now create enormous 3D parts in record time and in a single piece with materials that can easily be primed and painted. Importantly, the printer enables us to run a 100% in-house manufacturing operation and offers us virtually infinite creative possibilities with extraordinary dimensions.”

GDP technology enables large, custom parts to be directly printed at high speed with little-to-no support structures and to cure on-the-fly during printing, thanks to advanced gel-based polymer materials and sophisticated slicing software. This facilitates waste-free, fast, and precise production of intricate details and undercuts that are not achievable with conventional machining technologies. In addition, the printer offers dual print heads for workflow efficiency and the ability to print with a different material on each head. A wide range of purpose-specific printing materials are supported by the Massivit 5000, designed to meet specific needs related to the entertainment industry including flame resistance, high definition, and transparency.

The printer produces hollow components that allow for a plethora of artistic post processing and effects such as animatronics, internal illumination, and integrated electrics as well as external finishing such as paint work, patina effects, video mapping, and vinyl wrapping.

Erez Zimerman, CEO at Massivit stated “We’re excited to showcase our industrial 3D printer and advanced materials at the IAAPA Expo Europe community, particularly in light of the increasing adoption of large-scale systems across Europe. Fabricators are undoubtedly seeking a faster solution for production of full-scale parts. Our latest developments in engineering-grade materials combined with high-speed printing allows new realms in creative construction. We’re thrilled to offer brand new possibilities for theme parks, film and event producers who are dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences and we can’t wait to expose these possibilities at the IAAPA Expo this month.”

Journalists are invited to schedule an interview with Massivit’s EMEA General Manager, Gaspare Bugli, by contacting the company below.

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About Massivit

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. (TASE: MSVT) is a leading provider of industrial 3D printing systems for the automotive, marine, railway, scenic fabrication and additional markets. The company’s solutions enable cost-effective production of large, custom parts, molds, and prototypes at unprecedented speed. Massivit’s vision is to transform manufacturing of large parts from traditional processes to ultra-fast, digital fabrication using industrial-grade materials. The company was founded in 2013 by a team of experts led by Gershon Miller, founder of Objet Geometries (Stratsys Nasdaq: SSYS). Its headquarters are based in Lod, Israel and the company provides its worldwide community with end-to-end services supported through an extensive dealer network.


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VP Global Sales & Marketing
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Senior Marketing Team Leader
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3D Printed Shark Head by Distri-Com on a Massivit 5000

3D Printed Shark Head by Distri-Com on a Massivit 5000

DIM 400 High-Impact Printing Material


Massivit 5000 Industrial 3D Printer


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