Massivit Showcased in JEC Composites Magazine’s Spotlight on CAMX 2023 Highlights and Innovations

CAMX 2023 In The News

Composites suppliers and industry experts gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, in late October for the highly awaited CAMX 2023, an event co-produced by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE).   JEC Composites Magazine highlights Massivit, among the standout features of the event, and shines a light on the company’s advanced additive manufacturing technology showcased at the expo.

At an open house for CAMX attendees hosted by Massivit at its Customer Experience Centre, composite product manufacturers witnessed Massivit’s additive manufacturing solutions, which address critical industry objectives such as design flexibility, manufacturing efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The reduction of 19 steps of traditional mold making to just 4 steps and the acceleration of mold production by 80% demonstrate the expeditiousness of Massivit’s technology and meet the dynamic requirements of composite manufacturers.

Kathleen S.C. Heberger participated in the vibrant CAMX Open House event and detailed the critical advantages of additive manufacturing for composites manufacturers by stating, “Whether their product is a boat, bathtub or aircraft, composites end users want design flexibility. Speed matters. Additive manufacturing is a rising star shooting toward these composites industry objectives.” Heberger explored the emerging opportunities in producing molds, prototypes, and end products, shedding light on the potential for reduced energy, time, and cost. She shared how additive manufacturing is a transformative force, enabling manufacturers to surpass CNC limitations. Additionally, Heberger emphasized the ability to craft master molds and prototypes in hours or days rather than weeks, ultimately empowering a single individual to accomplish the workload equivalent to that of ten people.

Notably, Massivit’s 10000-G additive manufacturing system, featured at the open house for CAMX attendees, is recognized for building isotropic molds with identical property values in all directions — a world first and a remarkable achievement in the world of composites. Massivit’s Patented Cast In Motion (CIM) technology delivers fully crosslinked molecular bonds between each casting interval. Massivit proprietary thermosetting (TS) epoxy resins offer high thermal stability up to 152 C. The 10000-G 3D prints a sacrificial shell made of a water-breakable, TS photopolymer material to hold the mold as it’s being cast. This shell inflates and breaks apart when soaked in a tub of plain water, which remains uncontaminated and reusable. 

Avi Cohen, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, highlighted Massivit’s industry leadership, stating“We print big — very, very big, but so do others. We also print very, very fast with materials no one else uses.”

Massivit’s cutting-edge technology is reshaping additive manufacturing, revolutionizing the composites industry with heightened production rates, reduced costs, and unparalleled design flexibility. Explore the transformative impact of Massivit at CAMX 2023 in JEC Composites Magazine.


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