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Looking to explore new possibilities in 3D printing applications for large-scale parts, molds, and prototypes? Massivit’s customer stories reveal that large-scale 3D printing knows no boundaries.

Duty-Free attracts crowds at Sydney Airport with gorgeous dragon 3D printed for the Chinese New Year! Extraordinary activation, measuring 4m x 1.5m, was printed by Australia’s Art & Soul Creations on a Massivit 5000
As yacht designs advance to incorporate stunning, intricate geometries, traditional boatbuilding methods present significant challenges. Read this case study to discover how industrial 3D printers can provide custom manufacturing for super yachts at extraordinarily high speeds.
How National Geographic Museum employs large-scale 3D printing to transport its visitors back into Tutankhamun’s time. This extraordinary experiential exhibit is touring cities across Mexico and the USA
Formula racing requires expert engineering combined with experience on the track. Cars must be super lightweight and aerodynamic, so components such as covers (nose, body work), the under tray and wings are often produced with composite materials. Complex curved wings are required that are a challenge to produce in an economical way.
What’s in the Box ??? Watch Neil Patrick Harris’ reaction as the 3D Printing Nerd reveals a special surprise for his home in the Hamptons…
Objective: To produce a large-scale thermoforming mold using additive manufacturing for an Aerospace part
CEO of ADAEQUO, Rafael Gonzalez Assis, tells about the snowball effect 3D printing has generated among brands, advertising agencies, and creatives. At a recent marketing event they hosted, the company expected 50-60 attendees… but 140 people turned up!
If you’re a sports fan, nothing can replace going to a game. While it’s fun to watch sports on TV, it doesn’t compare to seeing your favorite players up close and personal.
Thrilled with their previous experiences using 3D-printed elements for billboards, Emporio Armani is back at it again.
SID Installation Art 3D printed 24 huge replicas of One Piece’s leading characters. One Piece is the best-selling manga and comic series of all time with over 450 million copies in circulation worldwide.
As the “Retail Apocalypse” ravages through retail stores worldwide, an unexpected hero may be waiting in the wings. It’s true that online sales are growing, but recent research from Deloitte shows that 90% of worldwide sales still take place in-store.
Belgium’s 3Motion is known for bringing ideas to life. Now, with their new Massivit 1800 printer, they can bring customers’ ideas to life faster.
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