Adaequo success story – the “snowball effect” of large 3d printing for retail

CEO of ADAEQUO, Rafael Gonzalez Assis, tells about the snowball effect 3D printing has generated among brands, advertising agencies, and creatives. At a recent marketing event they hosted, the company expected 50-60 attendees… but 140 people turned up!
3D printing for brands, advertising agencies

Traditionally providers of full-service, custom retail design, ADAEQUO decided to adopt large format 3D printing due to the production speed, printing size, and unlimited design possibilities available with the Massivit 1800. “Large format 3D printing has opened doors to new business both among brands and agencies, but also into new markets we would never have thought of – architecture, interior decoration, stage design. We’ve even succeeded to penetrate particular advertising groups after 20 years of trying, thanks to our 3D printing offering, its production speed, and our ability to ensure luxurious finishes.”

Other Adaequo team members confirm “The speed of the Massivit 1800 is unbelievable! We can now set up a printing file in minutes instead of configuring CNC technology for hours and hours.” The team is proud of their latest dynamic Point of Purchase displays “in motion” that instantly generate selfies and help brands go viral.



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