CBS News Baltimore Visits Hatch Exhibits to Explore the Secrets Behind 3D-Printed Exhibits and Event Displays | Massivit 5000

An image of a news reporter and McCormick of Hatch Exhibits inside a Massivit 5000

Hatch Exhibits recently made headlines as CBS News Baltimore, from WJZ-TV, took an exclusive look into their innovative approach to 3D printing. In an engaging interview, Marty from CBS met with Chris McCormick, the visionary behind Hatch Exhibits, inside their cutting-edge facility, both standing inside of a Massivit printer, McCormick showcased the power of the Massivit 5000, an industrial-grade 3D printer propelling the future of custom manufacturing.

The Massivit 5000, described as a new league in high-speed additive manufacturing, caught CBS’s attention as McCormick demonstrated its capability by showcasing a swiftly produced life-size nose section of a bullet train, which took just six hours to print. This remarkable feat is part of an ambitious project to create a traveling train exhibit to educate the public on High-Speed Rail.

Hatch Exhibits, known for its commitment to turning concepts into reality, employs a fleet of about 13 3D printers, each specializing in different applications. The Massivit 5000, with its Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, allows Hatch Exhibits to create large industrial parts at 30 times the speed of other technologies. The advanced features of the Massivit 5000, including the Dual Material Mechanism and user-friendly slicing software, contribute to unparalleled workflow efficiency and flexibility.

As a company dedicated to building visually impactful custom exhibits, events, and retail environments, Hatch Exhibits leverages the Massivit 5000 to offer clients a revolutionary way to tell their stories. The Massivit 5000’s ability to produce full-scale end-use parts and functional prototypes aligns seamlessly with Hatch Exhibits’ goal of maximizing brand presence at trade shows and events—this intersection of creativity and cutting-edge technology positions Hatch Exhibits at the forefront of the exhibit design industry. Watch the full CBS News feature here to witness the future of 3D printing in action.


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