An Innovative Approach to Superyacht Sundecks with Massivit’s Additive Manufacturing Technology

As yacht designs advance to incorporate stunning, intricate geometries, traditional boatbuilding methods present significant challenges. Read this case study to discover how industrial 3D printers can provide custom manufacturing for super yachts at extraordinarily high speeds.
Woltz Teak Deck and white Jacuzzi on yacht

Woltz Nautic Italy is a leader in building prefabricated and pre-manufactured teak decks, providing their services globally. Their expertise lies in designing high-quality teak decks that are both luxurious and durable, ensuring protection and a positive experience for their clients. 

As yacht design advances to incorporate increasingly intricate shapes, the traditional methods of constructing custom Jacuzzi areas for superyacht sundecks face significant challenges—the evolving complexity in design demands close attention to dimensional, shape, assembly, and production control.

Challenges Presented By Standard Method

Woltz Nautic Italy experienced many challenges when building a custom Jacuzzi area for a luxury yacht. While employing the conventional approach, the shipyard employed a metal substructure for the Jacuzzi area. The standard method led to issues such as losing dimensional control during the fairing, leveling, and painting processes.


The traditional method involved a cumbersome sequence of steps, including 3D scanning, leveling, fairing, painting, additional scanning, and manufacturing of custom parts. This multi-step process necessitated several onboard visits and frequent adaptations, often resulting in the final parts differing from the original design due to required modifications. Furthermore, the manual craftsmanship involved in the standard method and the need for operator skills made the process time-consuming and costly for both the supplier and shipyard and lacked material-saving measures.

Primarily, the challenges with the standard method include the need for multiple scans and adaptations, reliance on manual craftsmanship, time inefficiency, cost-inefficiency, and a lack of precise dimensional control, which ultimately prompted Woltz Nautic Italy to seek alternative solutions.

In addressing the challenges inherent in the standard process, Woltz Nautic Italy identified Massivit’s Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology as an ideal alternative for superyacht sundeck design.

Design Freedom and Optimization

additive manufacturing technology jacuzzi design

Massivit’s additive manufacturing technology tackles design constraints by enabling the engineering of intricate structures optimized for performance and functionality. This alleviates boat manufacturers from traditional limitations, allowing for the direct translation of once-challenging designs into directly-printed, high-performance components.

a rendered image showcasing the design by Woltz Nautic

The speed of Massivit’s technology directly addresses time inefficiencies in the production cycle. It expedites prototype production, streamlining the entire product development process. This acceleration enables engineers to test and iterate designs efficiently, resulting in streamlined processes, reduced labor costs, and a quicker time-to-market.

Jacuzzi design created by Woltz Nautic

image of the jacuzzi mid manufacturing process

Jacuzzi design by Wolz Nautic

Material Efficiency and Sustainability

Massivit’s technology counteracts waste generated by traditional subtracting methods, minimizing waste through the additive process. The technology offers a comprehensive range of material options, allowing Woltz Nautic Italy to create water-resistant/hydrophobic parts. The strategic selection of materials based on specific properties is both an ecological benefit and a practical approach to optimizing performance and sustainability.

Customization and Customer-Centric Approach

The customization capabilities of Massivit’s AM technology offer a customer-centric solution to the adaptability challenges highlighted in the problem statement. The ability to produce customized and personalized parts diversifies Woltz Nautic Italy’s offerings and enhances customer engagement. The technology’s support for large-scale customization reflects a market-aligned strategy, providing flexibility in responding to diverse client preferences.

A view of a teak deck up-close, provided by Woltz Nautic

Efficiency in Sundeck Jacuzzi Area Production with Massivit 5000

Applying Massivit’s AM technology to craft the Jacuzzi area on the sundeck presents a strategic solution, addressing the challenges faced by Woltz Nautic Italy during the construction of custom Jacuzzi areas for luxury yachts. The Massivit 5000, in particular, offers a range of key benefits that have significantly influenced Woltz Nautic Italy’s decision to purchase the Massivit 5000:

  • Acrylic-Based Material: Utilizing an acrylic-based material, the Massivit 5000 ensures lightweight components with enhanced durability.
  • Lightweight and Strong Layer Adhesion: The Massivit 5000’s 3D-printed components are not only inherently lightweight, crucial in yacht design, but also boast strong layer adhesion, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Speed of Production: Massivit’s technology excels in speed, completing the engineering and 3D-printed part production in less than 200 hours. This rapid prototyping capability streamlines the entire production cycle, reducing time inefficiencies and allowing for quick iterations of designs.
  • Process Efficiency (No Milling Needed): Unlike the traditional method that involves milling before applying fiber or coating, Massivit’s technology eliminates this step. The direct 3D printing of geometry from CAD designs and wood finishing implemented onto the 3D printed part exemplifies a manufacturing process engineered directly from the design.

These benefits collectively contribute to a streamlined production process, resulting in lightweight, high-performance components for the Jacuzzi area. The estimated production time of approximately 200 machine hours, including finishing, underscores the efficiency of Massivit’s technology. This quick installation, control over dimensional accuracy, and factory assembly and testing options collectively reduce cross-building time and eliminate the need for additional onboard time, providing a tangible solution to operational inefficiencies.

In summary, Massivit’s additive manufacturing technology provides a faster and more efficient solution, aligning seamlessly with Woltz Nautic Italy’s objectives in overcoming challenges in superyacht sundeck design.

File created with software for a jacuzzi design for 3D printing


Rendered image of a Jacuzzi design for a teak deck


Comparison with Standard Method

Massivit’s additive manufacturing technology transforms boat manufacturing, diverging significantly from the traditional approach. The standard method necessitates a minimum of four on-site visits involving scans, finishing, and installations, whereas additive manufacturing potentially requires only one visit, reducing disruptions to the working environment.

Regarding production time, the standard method spans weeks or months, considering intricate processes like engineering, scans, and retro-engineering. In contrast, additive manufacturing completes engineering and 3D-printed part production in less than 200 hours, accelerating the timeline. Assembly in the standard method demands on-site work, occupying the site with a team, while additive manufacturing allows for assembly at the factory, eliminating cross-building time on-site. Installation in the standard method requires standard time, finishing, and adaptation. In contrast, additive manufacturing potentially achieves the entire process in just one working day, with all components pre-tested at the factory. Massivit’s additive manufacturing enhances precision and efficiency, significantly streamlines on-site disruptions, and accelerates the production timeline compared to the standard method.

The paramount advantages presented to Woltz Nautic Italy with Massivit’s additive manufacturing technology include the remarkable speed and ease of the large-scale 3d printing technology, leading to a substantial reduction in labor time and costs. Skilled labor, often scarce and expensive, becomes more efficiently allocated as Massivit’s technology streamlines the production process. This efficiency saves labor and allows employees to engage in other projects concurrently.

Furthermore, Massivit’s 3D printing technology enables Woltz Nautic Italy with enhanced customization capabilities, allowing Woltz Nautic Italy to leverage directly printed, customized solutions that meet the unique preferences of their clients. By coupling cost savings with labor efficiency, Woltz Nautic Italy positions itself as an industry leader with a competitive edge in the dynamic market of innovative yacht design.  

In summary, Massivit’s Additive Manufacturing technology has proven to be a transformative force, enabling Woltz Nautic Italy  to pursue new heights in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and market distinction. The unparalleled benefits of speed, labor savings, enhanced customization, and a competitive edge are available through the adoption of Massivit’s technology. As Woltz Nautic Italy continues to pioneer innovative solutions in yacht design, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to continued innovation, further solidifying its position as an industry leader at the forefront of technological advancement.


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