3D-Printed Tutankhamun: National Geographic Museum’s Immersive Experience

How National Geographic Museum employs large-scale 3D printing to transport its visitors back into Tutankhamun's time. This extraordinary experiential exhibit is touring cities across Mexico and the USA
king Tut 3d printed

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience features meticulously designed spaces replicating tombs, caverns, and the pharaoh’s burial chamber, incorporating an oversized replica of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus. The exhibition reconstructs tomb environments using sound and light, as the original relics are no longer available for display outside Egypt. 

3D printed King TutThis is one of the industry’s greatest challenges that today can be easily solved with the latest 3D printing technologies. One example is this exceptional sculpture produced by Massivit’s Mexico-based customer, Laboratorio Mexicano de Imágenes. The company used Massivit’s large-scale 3D printer to create the impressive King Tut sculpture. Intricate details on 3d printed King Tut

Serving as the centerpiece for the captivating showcase by Mexican production company Bidur Sa De Cv, this massive 3D-printed sculpture was crafted in just sixty-two hours, utilizing 40kg of printing material. The King Tut statue highlights the impressive capabilities of Massivit’s industrial 3D printers, literally bringing history to life for global audiences. The giant Tutankhamun is touring various cities across the USA, and the exhibition still offers visitors a distinctive and enthralling experience.

As audiences delve into Tutankhamun’s intriguing journey at the museum, this exhibition not only animates ancient history but also exemplifies the seamless integration of additive technology and culture. Massivit’s cutting-edge large-format 3D printing takes center stage in presenting the 3D-printed Tutankhamun—a truly fantastic display that bridges the past with the present.


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