Emporio armani implements 2nd series of 3d out of home billboards leveraging colorzenith’s massivit 1800

Thrilled with their previous experiences using 3D-printed elements for billboards, Emporio Armani is back at it again.
Emporio Armani 3D printed billboards

Teaming up with Colorzenith Milan to make use of its vaunted large format Massivit 3D printer, the fashion giant returned to what has worked so well already.


This time around the focus point was an ornate 3D eagle belt buckle; an oversized replica of Armani’s belt accessories in their current line. 3D printed in just 29 hours and measuring 6.9ft x 3.9ft (2.1m x 1.2m), the oversized eagle buckle was finished with metallic silver paint, bevelled plexiglass, and glitter inserts.

A second version was 3D printed in only 15 hours and measured 6ft x 4.3ft (1.8m x 1.3m), integrated in a billboard of the same campaign. Here, the finish was in chrome silver metallic paint and matte silver.

The 3D capabilities that Colorzenith brings to the table, courtesy of their Massivit large format 3D printer, have enabled blossoming relationships with seminal brands such as Armani. They treasure their long standing relationship with Armani because of its vision and creative drive to develop fresh, crowd-stopping campaigns leveraging new technologies and concepts. The 3D touches in this campaign compel people to take a moment to admire them. The attention to detail was fundamental in reflecting the Armani brand.

For print shops such as Colorzenith, having a large format 3D printing solution in-house gives them an advantage to not only get the job, but to create repeat business. It’s one more reason why print service providers are turning to large format 3D printing to support and expand their business model.


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