Cloning sports celebrities to interact with doting fans

If you’re a sports fan, nothing can replace going to a game. While it’s fun to watch sports on TV, it doesn’t compare to seeing your favorite players up close and personal.
3D Printed Player Gets Team Hyped Up min

That feeling of closeness to your team and its players is what Chambery Savoie Mont-Blanc’s sponsor Euromedia was seeking to replicate – just without any of the actual players. So they took this problem to Deko 3D by Sepia, one of the leading print shops in Europe.

Thankfully, Deko 3D has a Massivit 1800 large format 3D printer in their arsenal. This powerful machine was put to work to create the first ever completely 3D-printed handball player. In only 11 hours, it produced an incredible replica that stands at a height of 1.80 meters and weighs 34kg.

Club president Alain Poncet marveled at how good the 3D-printed player looked in his team’s uniform. “He is a beautiful defender – I’m now ready to create a whole team with various heights!”

Poncet instantly understood the magnitude of this new asset and how it helps build hype around the team. Fans could interact with the handball player and take selfies, embracing their connection with the team, and the sport as a whole.

The power of large format 3D printing to help brands reach their audience is unparalleled. Having recognized the qualitative difference it can make, print shops around the world are rushing to embrace this incredible technology.


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