One piece 20th anniversary brings manga to life with 3d printing

SID Installation Art 3D printed 24 huge replicas of One Piece’s leading characters. One Piece is the best-selling manga and comic series of all time with over 450 million copies in circulation worldwide.
manga 3d printing real size

For their 20th anniversary, Remake Works Co., Ltd and One Piece Mugiwara Store Taiwan, commissioned SID Installation Art with the Massivit 1800 Pro 3D printer to create the giant figures ranging from 1.8m-5m (5.9ft-16.4ft). Augmented reality allowed fans to more fully engage with their favorite characters.


SID Installation Art used to work with foam and fiberglass to produce gaming and manga-related props, but now Massivit 3D’s technology has proven to be faster, offer more creative possibilities, and enable SID to deliver highly complex jobs in dramatically less time.

Hung Jui Chia, COO of SID Installation Art, said, “The Massivit 3D printer enables us to produce models in half the time it would have taken with our traditional manufacturing processes, largely because we no longer need to create a preliminary mold which is the bottle neck. Creating props and scenic environments based on digital 3D models also brings us far greater design flexibility so we can propose and implement unique props and models.”


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