3 reasons to go giant 3d

Fast production
3 Reasons To Go GIANT3D 4 224x300 1

With a vertical speed of up to 350 mm/13.7 inc. per hour it can dramatically speed up production time compared to traditional methods. It can also print multiple individual pieces up to 1.8m, which the fabrication team can bond together and create more complex bespoke models.

Do not fear, the speed does not compromise the quality. At Stylo they pride themselves on supplying their clients with only premium products and solutions, meaning nothing will leave their on-site workshop without being quality checked first.

Extremely Accurate

If the client has an STL CAD file, it can be printed straight from this or by in-house CAD teams that are able to create the files. The team is then able to replicate the imagery and transfer this into a printable model. Once the 3D team has finished printing the model, Stylo has an experienced fabrication team ready to put the finishing touches onto your project. The fabrication team ensures that no small detail is left out.

Visual Impact

The results speak for themselves. Visually, GIANT3D models grab your attention and continue to ‘wow’ long after the initial engagement. Adding an extra dimension in attracting new and existing customers to your business. GIANT3D models will not only help your brand engage with your customer but it will also inspire their imagination.

Working with some of the worlds’ biggest brands has allowed Stylo to continue pushing the capabilities of 3D printing. They are always looking for innovative ways to meet the client’s needs. At Stylo they believe innovation comes from great people collaborating within an inspiring organisation. They constantly work to provide an environment where great teams can work hard, and improve their innovations. At Stylo they are constantly learning from their customers and strive to innovate through creative thinking.

Book a visit at Stylo and witness the Massivit 1800 printer in action, as well as visiting their showroom to see how Stylo can help you.

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