6 Must-See ISA Sign Expo Sessions To Catch and Why

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If you’re one of the twenty thousand-ish industry professionals rocking up to this four-day mega event, you’re surely wondering how to split your time between the rich array of industry sessions and workshops — Lunch & Learns, Game Changing talks, Education Sessions — and the ISA Trade Show, that starts March 22. You may want to first consider your priorities in terms of expanding your business opportunities, refining your practical and technical skills, or sipping from the fountain of new innovative concepts to inspire your creative pursuits.

Don’t lose hope! We’ve put together our Top-6 selection of inspiring ISA Sign Expo sessions, in chronological order, to help you plan your ISA 2018 journey…

ISA Sign Expo Sessions at a Glance — Business, Technical Tips, and All Things Signage & Display

1. The Four Keys To Sales Success

Presenter: Bill Farquharson

If you feel you could be selling more (and really, what salesperson doesn’t?), Bill will take us through the four pillars of sales success. Bill structures this seminar so it is helpful to the novice salesperson as well as the seasoned vet. You will walk out understanding where you need to start, or what you need to adjust in your sales approach, to bring in more business. Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer and author of The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever! He has trained thousands of print sales representatives, sales managers, and selling owners in the print, signage, label, and packaging industries. This session is free with registration.

Thursday, March 22, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

2. Optimizing Sign Face Brightness

Presenter: Matthew McConnell

If you’re illuminating your signage, you’ll want to maximize its effectiveness. Matt will teach us tips for getting the best results with light sources best-suited for cabinet depth and shape. He’ll walk us through the trade offs between overall illumination and the cost-efficiency in minimizing the number of light sources installed. Hear the latest research about preferred brightness levels for different visual environments. As a signage Application Engineer, Matt has hands-on experience installing illuminated signage.  He understands what works. . . and what works better. This session is one of ISA’s “Lounge and Learn” lessons and is free with registration, targeted towards intermediate-level professionals.

Thursday, March 22, 11:30 AM-12:00 PM

3. Promoting and Selling Beyond Signage

Presenter: Thomas Giglio

Opportunity rarely presents itself with flashing lights or in a gift-wrapped package. Sometimes, you have to look beyond the obvious or dig deeper to hit paydirt. In this session, Thomas will open our eyes to seeing beyond signage applications in favor of décor. He will discuss expanding your customer base and turning jobs into projects. You’ll hear how to develop a good/better/best strategy and how to multiply your sales efforts. Thomas is entering his seventh year as the Strategic Accounts Manager at HP, Inc, promoting HP products within targeted accounts on a national scale. This session is one of ISA’s “Lounge and Learn” lessons and is free with registration, geared towards intermediate-level professionals.

Thursday, March 22, 12:15 PM-12:45 PM

4. 3D for the Signage & Display Industry

Presenter: Sharon Rothschild

3D printing is being embraced by more and more industries, and is revolutionizing these industries. One is signage and display, or broadly speaking – visual communication industries and entertainment scenic fabrication. In this presentation, Sharon will share real-life case studies of wide format print service businesses who have combined 2D and 3D printing to produce stunning signage and PoS displays. You’ll hear their stories, see their work, and hear about the 6-foot tall Massivit 1800 wide-format 3D printing solution that has produced these projects. Sharon Rothschild is the Product Manager at Massivit, manufacturer of the Massivit 1800.  Sharon will share her analysis of the latest industry trends as well as operational procedures of the 6-foot tall 3D printer to help customers get the most out of wide format 3D printing. This session is one of ISA’s “Lounge and Learn” lessons and is free with registration, geared towards intermediate-level professionals.

Thursday, March 22, 1:00 PM-1:30 PM

5. If You See It, You Can Be It

Presenter: Jeff Henderson

This one is good for everybody, not just wide format printing professionals, because everybody could use some inspiration. You’ll hear Jeff Henderson’s journey from prison inmate to TV celebrity. Known as Chef Jeff, Henderson shares his story and his 12 inspiring and pragmatic street-smart recipes for success. When Jeff Henderson was in prison for dealing drugs, somebody told him, “You’re a smart guy. You moved amongst gang members but didn’t carry a gun and never had a fight. Yet you became a millionaire at age 19. It takes a smart person to do that. All you have to do is change the product and get integrity and there’s no stopping you.” Jeff went on to become a TV celebrity chef and is now a nationally acclaimed speaker. This session is free with registration and is for everybody.. 

Thursday, March 22, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

6. What’s Next? Real World Applications for 3D Printing and the Sign Industry

Presenter: Keith Davis

In this session, you will get a deeper understanding of how additive manufacturing (3D printing) works. Keith will present a research study on the sign industry about the various types of additive manufacturing processes designers and manufacturers use. You will walk out with a better grasp of 3D printing and the implications for the future of how we design, the way we work, and what we produce. Keith Davis has over 15 years experience in nearly every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. He has installed signage in some of the most complex environments.

Friday, March 23, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Networking? Of course!

After spending all day absorbing new technology and concepts and checking out the Trade Show booths, be sure to enjoy the Happy Hours that are free with your ISA Sign Expo registration and make sure you apply our promotional code 30331 to gain free entry to the Trade Show and discounted entry to selected sessions. Happy Hour is not just a chance to unwind, it’s a chance to network. Bring lots of business cards and a perfected elevator pitch :).

Wide Format 3D Printing

Finally, be sure to visit the Massivit Team at ISA Sign Expo for a live 3D printing demo or personal consultation with an Application Engineer or Sales Director, Booth #629. There are limited time slots available. We will have plenty of wide format 3D printed samples for new and exciting applications including super-size soft signage, illuminated channel letters, and easy-to-reproduce point of sale displays. You’ll also get to see our giant 3D printer in action, live!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time at ISA Sign Expo 2018!

The ISA Sign Expo by ISA International takes place March 21-24 in Orlando, Florida. The ISA Expo attracts thousands of sign, graphics, print, and visual communications professionals.


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