9 Guerrilla Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Brand

Look how easy it is to spot each brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) in these guerrilla marketing examples.
A large truck with a Mars bar design: the entire back of the truck appears to look like a huge, realistic looking candy bar and wrapper

Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Examples


Where are you? Are you walking outside and looking at your phone? Sitting in your office? Riding on a train? Look around. Do you see any mundane items that could be used to demonstrate your brand’s unique selling proposition?


They’re out there, just waiting to surprise and charm passing commuters, pedestrians, and consumers with your message. It just might take a bit of lateral thinking to crack them.


Try looking through the eyes of your target audience. Or, try looking through the eyes of your brand.


Who else but Jeep can get away with this message?


Jeep Guerilla Marketing Ad


Have you ever gone bowling? There is something therapeutic about rolling a heavy ball down a shiny wooden floor to slam into 10 immobile pins at the end of a lane. This dental insurance company noticed something else. They looked down the lane and saw opportunity.


Dental insurance guerilla marketing examples


Do you know what makes Superman so great? It’s not just that he was the first and original superhero invented in the 1930’s. It’s not that he can fly. It’s the way he changes out of his alter-ego, Clark Kent’s, clothes to reveal his Superman identity. Check out how this Superman movie-launch campaign captured this magic using an elevator.


Superman Guerilla Marketing Elevator Ad


Other businesses also saw the inherent opportunity associated with separating elevator doors.


Hair loss Guerilla marketing elevator ad


How To Spot Guerrilla Marketing Opportunities


Guerrilla marketing starts with your USP – your promise to your customers or clientele. How can you deliver or demonstrate your USP in an unconventional way using common, everyday materials in unusual ways?


When you see lights in a drop ceiling, do you immediately imagine bright teeth? This dentist did.


dentist Guerilla marketing ad


What can you do with ceiling lights? A way to begin thinking about your own guerrilla marketing campaign is to list adjectives that describe light. Bright. Shiny. Do these words fit with your or your client’s brand? Do they describe your unique selling proposition in any way? If there is a connection, maybe you can think of a way to use ceiling lights to deliver your message.


Here’s how another brand used light.


Law & Order is a popular American television drama series. Each hour episode was split in half: the first 30 minutes involved detectives solving a crime and apprehending a suspect. The second half involved the prosecution. Instead of using a standard billboard to advertise the show, the producers promoted the show on the side of a building and used an existing light fixture. Look how the mundane light captures the essence of the show and makes the advertisement special.


Law & Order guerilla billboard


Visa ingeniously conveyed its campaign message of being universally accepted in a subtle, yet highly creative, way. Their ads on subway cars seemingly swipe the card as it passes through stations.


Visa guerilla marketing train ad


Opportunities to use the environment for your marketing efforts are everywhere. You just have to always keep your eyes open for ways to uniquely deliver your brand’s message. NetFlix saw beyond a bus. They recognized a moving billboard — and added 3D-printed elements* for a greater effect for this movie release . . .and other movie releases.


Guerilla marketing examples 3d printed bus wrap


Duracell batteries keep on going. Just like this escalator (except at closing time when nobody is around anyway).


Duracell guerilla marketing escalator ad


Create Your Own Guerrilla Marketing Examples


Are you ready to launch your own guerrilla marketing campaign? Are you ready to engage your target audience in creative, thought-provoking ways and make it to somebody else’s list of Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Examples?  ????


Massivit brings more than a hundred large-format applications to the advertising and visual communications market. You can dream up any customized campaign for any context. Produce stunning eye candy using super-sized, illuminated models and displays in unconventional ways. Personify your mascot or brand, and let your imagination go wild! This large 3D printer will bring it life.

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*3D-printed mold for vacuum-formed Lost In Space spaceship bus wrap by New York-based Carisma Large Format Printing on the Massivit 1800 printer


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