Large Format Digital Printing : Watch How To Land More Jobs

Imagine reducing production timelines, slashing inventory costs, and creating complex components with ease. These are just a few opportunities the aerospace industry can unlock with the power of large-scale 3D printing technology.
Denise Zanet screen shot

What Every Large Format Digital Printing Company Should Know

If you walk through almost any Parisian street, the name Metropole will pop out. Metropole is the expert in out-of-home (OOH) advertising and large format digital printing in the City of Lights. They are everywhere with 700 canvases waiting to promote Your Brand Here.

In 2017, Metropole entered a new arena. They purchased two Massivit 1800 printers and shifted from offering only large format digital printing to also offering large format 3D. Why?

“We bought the printer to show that we can go further in turning dreams into reality.”
-Denise Zanet, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Metropole


After communicating this message, the phones started ringing. And ringing.

It turns out, the giant Massivit 1800 3D printer is a great advertising tool. Interest in the machines brought in business to departments in Metropole outside of 3D printing. How do you grow your traditional 2D business? Purchase a Massivit 3D printer.  

Getting Onboard with 3D. . .Then Taking Off

The excitement was palpable the day the big 3D printers arrived at Metropole. Of course, now they had to learn 3D printing.

It took a few months, and according to Zanet, Massivit 3D’s Application Engineers and Support team were terrifically helpful. Then the projects started rolling in.

High profile projects.

Monoprix window display with 3D printed bottle
Monoprix window display with 1.7m (5’6”) tall bottle (3D printed in 21 hours)

Big brand name projects.

Karl Lagerfeld Beauty Butlers in Paris flash mob
Karl Lagerfeld and ModelCo product line launch
Photography by Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Image

And creative, boundary-breaking projects.

3-meter tall advertisement at Gare d’Austerlitz railway station for the Paris’ Museum of Natural History. Watch the video.

Projects. Projects. And more projects!

Today, 21 months after receiving the machines, Metropole has 40 3D projects in discussion. This from a printing company that 22 months ago had nothing to do with 3D printing.

Zanet reflects on the 2.1-meter (almost 7 ft.) tall, 3D-printed Vespa statue that Metropole created for The Spy Who Dumped Me movie launch in Cannes.

“These two actresses were modeled in 3D and so was the Vespa. They came out exactly as they looked in the film, and that wouldn’t have been possible to do otherwise.” -Denise Zanet

3D printed Vespa movie launch
The Spy Who Dumped Me movie launch, 2.1-meter (almost 7 ft.-tall) model 3D printed in 60 hours

Metropole’s customers know they can push the boundaries of imagination with 3D printing because the technology enables creating any form, size, curve, or fantasy creature.

“Many, Many Sectors.”

A retail window display. A museum exhibit advertisement. A movie launch. Metropole is serving 3D to clients in many sectors.

“…Many, many sectors,” according to Zanet.

Metropole provides large format 3D printing to the following industries (so far):

  • Cinema
  • Signage
  • Luxury
  • Exhibits
  • Retail
  • Advertising

The Massivit 1800 was originally designed for applications in Visual Communication. Owners of Massivit 3D printing solutions have discovered new applications beyond the original vision, creating decorstage props, an actual pop-up store, and even historic restoration pieces.

Metropole uses the giant 3D printers to make their own frames, like soft signage (SEG frames).

Big Brands Are Demanding 3D

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld could be the coolest 85 year-old in Europe. Maybe on Earth. When the fashion designer wanted to launch a new line of cosmetics, he not only did it in style, he did it with 3D printing.

Metropole 3D printed a mold from which they created 80 silicon helmets to match the iconic lid of the new makeup. Zanet described this technique as incredibly time-saving. ModelCo’s Beauty Butlers danced around Paris in the helmets, creating a stir and publicity for the new Lagerfeld and ModelCo line.

Large Format Digital Printing — With No Limits

3D printing removes limitations inherent in other printing technologies. Zanet says her company, and by extension, their clients, enjoy the unbelievable freedom Massivit 3D technology offers. In her words, “It’s a dream come true.”

As their cue continues to fill up with projects, we look forward to seeing what object, animal, or person Metropole will bring to life next.

Corto Maltese selfie point at Gare d’Austerlitz railway station. Watch the video.


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