Massivit Brings the “Wow Factor” to Formnext 2021

Despite numerous impressive displays at the seventh annual Formnext exposition in Frankfurt last month, by far one of the most head-turning exhibitions was that of Massivit.
formnext 2021

Due to participation in last year’s event being limited to online webinars, we were eager to bring our technological achievements directly to AM industry players and the media alike. With a portfolio of more than 50 patents driving technological achievements, Massivit indeed has a bright light to share with the world, and we pulled out all the stops to show off not only previously completed projects, but also an ongoing live demonstration of our lightning-fast large-scale 3D printer in action.

Proudly on display for all to inspect were several examples of 3D-printed components executed for past projects across a range of industries using our printers. One of the most popular visual attractions was certainly the DB project – a jaw-dropping,16 foot long concept car conceived by renowned car designer Takumi Yamamoto and 3D printed by Marie 3D in just 6 days thanks to Massivit’s disruptive technologies. The one-of-a-kind design masterpiece even received special recognition by 3Dnatives in their review of the best 3D applications at this year’s convention.

Visitors could also examine multiple examples of actual parts that have been created with our printers for use in various industries and applications. The pieces on display included customized yacht parts, automobile components, and even the front-end panel for a train designed to withstand a travel speed of 200km/h! Attendees were encouraged to touch and feel the parts to truly appreciate how light-weight and strong they are, thanks to the arsenal of unique proprietary photopolymer materials which we employ in our revolutionary, patented Gel-Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology.

Watching the Future in Action at Formnext

Beyond the wide array of individual components and finished products available for convention-goers to peruse, we introduced our newest and most advanced large-scale 3D printer to be brought to market yet – the Massivit 5000 – in a live demonstration throughout the convention. Launched in 2021, the 5000 is designed to expedite manufacturing of large parts, prototypes, and tooling for the automotive, marine, rail, architecture, defense, and additional industries. Visitors were amazed to see the incredible speed and precision of our system with their own eyes – AM industry expert 3D Printing Nerd interviewed CEO Erez Zimerman one morning at our booth and was shocked to learn that by the end of that very same day the Massivit 5000 could print a full-scale model the size of his own body!

Offering an exceptional build volume of 145cm x 111cm x 180cm (57” x 44” x 70”) and up to 30 times the printing speed of other 3D printers on the market, the Massivit 5000 introduces a new category in additive manufacturing, responding to recognized limitations in AM production speed and size. Based on our patented GDP technology and the ability to print simultaneously with different materials on two independent printing heads, the 5000 facilitates production of large, complex parts and models that instantly cure during the printing process, enabling ready-made parts straight off the printer with almost no required support structures.

Spoiler Alert: We’re Just Getting Started

At the stand, visitors also had the opportunity to explore the new, award-winning Massivit 10000 – a revolutionary tooling system for composite materials, due to be launched in 2022. Aiming to replace conventional molding processes the Massivit 10000 shortens mold production time by 80%, reduces manufacturing costs by 75%, and decreases the need for high-skilled manual labor by 90%. Leveraging a patented thermoset additive manufacturing technology called Cast In Motion, the 10000 facilitates direct printing of industrial-grade molds within a water-soluble outer shell, utilizing thermoset polymer casting materials that provide a high HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) and low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion). The technology introduces to market the only true isotropic 3D printed mold for composites.

We also took advantage of the opportunity to unveil two new 3D printing materials at this year’s Formnext – Dimengel 20-FR (DIM 20-FR), a novel flame-retardant 3D printing material, enables customers to meet essential flammability-related safety and performance requirements, and Dimengel 300 (DIM 300) is a rigid material that offers high translucency. The new printing materials have been developed to significantly broaden available applications for customers across a wide range of industries, including aeronautics, marine, rail, automotive, architecture, design, and much more.

Formnext 2021 was a smashing success overall, and especially for fans of Massivit. Along the way, we picked up a great many more fans and added to our quickly-growing pre-order list for the Massivit 10000. If you missed us at Formnext, please contact us today so we can give you a personal rundown of our exciting new lineup of large scale 3D printers.


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