Massivit Brings a 3D Print Show to a Venue Near You

Birth fascinates people. Whether it’s a baby or the birth of a new day via a gorgeous sunrise, we are inspired by these experiences of new creations. Recently, I watched people staring into the Massivit 1800 as it worked.
picture taken from inside an AM printer of people at an expo looking into a 3d printer

Their stares of awe made me think of birth, and how these objects are  — in a way — born in front of us. This is one reason we travel around the world with our giant 3D printer: you have to see it in action to believe it.

The Travelling 3D Print Show

When Massivit exhibits at a trade show or at a more intimate VIP Forum, it’s a constant 3D print show. The Massivit 1800 provides a live demonstration and is surrounded by samples of large format 3D printing for various applications and industries. It’s one thing to observe the cool technology that is 3D printing on a common, desktop 3D printer. But to watch the Massivit 1800. . . crowds are wowed as they witness the dual engines expel the patented gel and form supersized objects.

overview of Massivit 3D's trade show boothThen attendees take their copy of Massivit ’s booth guide, including the specs of each sample, and begin to envision this marvelous piece of machinery helping their own clients. They start to see how they can add large format 3D elements to their existing capabilities and enhance their and their clients’ visual communications. Then, ideas are born.

You can catch Massivit at one of these trade shows.

ISA Sign Expo

Held annually and alternating between Las Vegas and Orlando in the United States, the ISA Sign Expo attracts thousands of sign, graphics, print and visual communications professionals. The draw is the abundant showcase of vendors and many educational speaking sessions. The next ISA Sign Expo is March 22-24 in Orlando. Stop by to see us. (You can even get a free ticket to the event here.)


Skipping across the Atlantic Ocean, C!Print is a trade show that alternates between Lyon, France, and Madrid, Spain. The event attracts visual communications, digital, and textile printing professionals. They come to experience the 250+ vendors in large format printing systems, signage, illuminated displays, screen printing, interior decoration and architecture and more. The next C!Print is in Madrid, Sept. 25 – 27, 2018.


FESPA Global Print Expo is Europe’s largest exhibition for the wide format print industry. Typically taking place in German cities, FESPA draws over 600 exhibitors from digital and screen printing sectors in graphics, signage, décor, packaging, industrial and textile applications. And, of course, large format 3D printing. You can also expect to see 18,000 fellow attendees from print service providers, brands, and agencies. FESPA will be in Berlin, Germany, May 15 -18.


Specialty printing and imaging technology comes to life at the largest printing trade show in North America. This year, SGIA will be in Las Vegas, showing off the latest technologies in all areas of printing from Oct 18 – 20.


This is the largest exhibition of printing equipment in the world. It’s so big, it occurs only every four years in Düsseldorf, Germany. Many companies use to DRUPA to reveal their latest innovations. In fact, it was DRUPA where Massivit introduced the Massivit 1800 to the world. The next DRUPA is June 16 – 20, 2020.

Perhaps a trade show is too busy, and you’d prefer a quieter setting. For that, we offer VIP Forums.

VIP Forums

For more intimate and relaxed sessions, Massivit brings the 3D print show to your local distributors People watch a demo of Massivit 1800around the world. In VIP Forums, you’ll get to hear about the latest industry trends, the capabilities of our large format 3D printer, and you’ll get to see live demos of the Massivit 1800. In 2018, VIP Forums took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, Vienna, Austria, and Las Vegas in the USA. The next one is in April in Brussels, Belgium.


The Unique Massivit 1800

Unlike other printers that use filament, the Massivit 1800 dispenses our patented Dimengel that cures instantly under UV light. Together, the size and the Dimengel allow you to print super-sized objects at super-fast speeds. It really is a 3D print show that entertains — the interior camera records the printing process for you to use in your marketing efforts. More important, Massivit adds a new dimension to your capabilities. That means more jobs and more profit. Check out Massivit the next time we come to a venue near you. If you just can’t wait, visit find out more here.


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