Now You Can Deliver Dozens Of Duplicates With Inexpensive 3D-Printed Molds For Thermoforming

When a customer calls and needs 50 3-dimensional displays fast, do you wonder how you can deliver? Do you also wonder how you can make a profit on a classic thermoforming job that’s a short run?
3D-Printed Molds For Thermoforming

3D printing, that’s how.

3D Printing Molds For Thermoforming Short Runs: Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive

Businesses call owners of Massivit printing solutions to bring their most creative ideas to life. Now they can call when they need multiple copies of displays, signs, or props.

Massivit takes short run molds for thermoforming possible—and even profitable.

Thermoforming is a cost-effective process when you need multiple copies of the same product. Take a mold, place a thermoplastic sheet on top, add heat and a vacuum and voilà! The sheet takes the form of the mold. Lather, rinse, repeat until enough copies are created.

The catch?

A traditional mold is very expensive, making short run thermoforming jobs cost-prohibitive. A traditional mold also takes about a month to manufacture. A 3D-printed mold is a fraction of the cost and takes a fraction of the time to produce. Watch how fast and easy you can transform a 2D billboard to eye-catching 3D with 3D-printed molds for thermoforming.

A 3D-printed mold is a fraction of the cost of traditional

molds and takes a fraction of the time to produce.


Speed Is On Your Side

With Massivit’s patented 3D printing technology, the entire production time takes just days. You can go from initial meeting to installation quickly. That frees you to take on more jobs.

Massivit’s Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) creates molds, and any object for that matter, in hours.

Double-sided thermoformed drill printed in 8 hoursa giant drill advertising display, printed with additive manufacturing technology

Thermoformed 3D character added to 2D corrugated display, printed in 2 hours

Pillsbury doughboy 3d printed  

Thermoformed and illuminated ice cream and cone printed in under 4 hours

 illuminated ice cream cone additive manufacturing
Thermoformed bottles printed in 3 hours 3d printed advertising elements, vodka bottles

Economical Short-Run Projects Are Perfect For Global Campaigns

If you only need to create 5 or 10. . .or 80 products, locally or even for a global campaign, digital files and a worldwide network of Massivit printers give you the power to offer international customers the world, literally. Objects can be produced in multiple places in parallel while allowing for regional customization.

Help Customers Save Time And Money With A Prototype

Let customers know that if they are creating a large volume of thermoformed objects for a national or international campaign, they can 3D print a prototype before the expensive rollout. This will allow them to test the campaign, perhaps in select markets, and adjust the final mold as required. You could save a customer thousands and thousands of dollars and months of work.

Wait! There’s more.

If a thermoforming mold needs to be duplicated, which is common, if it’s 3D printed, you just need to print the file again. Like the first mold, the second one will be ready in hours.

3D-Printed Molds Are Easier To Customize

Another benefit of 3D printing is the ability to create complex designs. Create logos, characters, mascots. . .you name it. Massivit makes it possible.

Print any graphics on the plastic sheets or vinyl yourself. If you don’t have a thermoforming machine, send the sheets out for thermoforming with your 3D-printed mold.

Being able to 3D print short run molds for thermoforming can bring in more business and new business once the word is out that you can create dozens of displays with 3D printing. The next time you are asked to create a short run of displays (or vehicle wraps, signs, props, etc.), say, “YES!” and turn to Massivit. 


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