Selfie Spots Create An Opportunity For 3D Printing Companies

Smartphones are in everybody’s palms. . .unless they are being gripped by the fingers of an outstretched arm taking a selfie.
people taking a selfie with 3d prop

One of the largest French out of home (OOH) and digital print providers capitalized on the selfie phenomenon. They created a wide format 3D print everybody wanted to get a picture next to.

The Challenge: How To Create The “Wow Effect”

Corto Maltese turned 50, and the Paris-Austerlitz railway station wanted to pay tribute to the iconic Italian sailor. They wanted something grande, so they called Metropole, the Paris-based largest French digital print service provider.

Millions of eyes see Metropole’s work in the capital city every day. For this job, the creative crew at Metropole wanted more because they wanted to inspire more sharing. Most of all, they wanted to create the “wow effect” using their new 3D printing technology.

The Solution: Massivit

The agency went to work designing a museum of sorts. They made a wraparound tribute to envelope commuters in the Corto Maltese experience. First, they plastered walls with cartoon strips of Maltese. Visitors could read his story frame by frame. Next, they could engage in an interactive coloring station. There was also a looping video on a monitor above, displaying an interview of Hugo Pratt, Maltese’s creator. However, it was the unexpected appearance of the captain himself that captured the most attention.

3d printing companies make selfie spot

Metropole recently purchased the Massivit 1800. They were the first to own the 1.8 meter tall 3D printing system in all of France. As a result, when thinking about elements to add to the Corto Maltese exhibition, they realized their large format 3D printer would allow them to print a life-size figure of Maltese. It would create a selfie opportunity!

Metropole designed the captain sitting on a bench. They left space for fans to sit on both sides of him. The clients were amazed that a job of such high quality and magnificent rendering could be completed so quickly.

Wide Format 3D Printing Made it Possible

With access to wide format 3D printing, you can create pretty much anything for visual communications. Selfie spots are just the beginning. Take a 2D poster and add a 3D element to make it pop and grab consumers’ attention. Print giant product samples and parade them around town on a pick-up truck. Replace a 2D point of purchase display with a larger-than-life-size product being used.

Metropole created the “wow effect” by using wide format 3D printing to invent a selfie spot. (Actually, they included a camera some distance away to take the pictures.) What can you create for your clients when you can print pretty much anything with wide-format 3D printing?


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