Larger than life 3d printed greek statue

Larger Than Life Greek Statue The Greek model was printed in sections comprising of legs, torso, head, hands, robe edge and shield.
Life Greek Statue 3d printing

This allowed more structureless printing, which is quicker, easier to handle and finish. The largest single component on this model being 1,600 mm/5.2 ft. tall.

The team sprayed on three coats of car filler with a spray gun to smooth out the layers that make up the structure sanding between coats. A steel base was created to support the model, attaching two L shaped steel beams as the central support structure. The 1st runs from the model’s foot to shoulder and the 2nd runs from the other foot to waist height. These beams were bolted to the base so that they could later be unbolted for transport.

The legs of the model were filled with a measurable amount of polyurethane expanding foam, as heat is generated and expanding forces are applied within the shell of the model. The mixture foams up inside the model, providing added strength and bonding the model shell to the internal posts. The waist and torso base were joined with a two-part superglue. Any remaining gaps were filled with Dimengel and continued filling with polyurethane for added strength. The hands, robe and head were carried

3d printed greek statueout in the same manner.

Once all joins were completed an undercoat was applied in order to check for imperfections, which were then sanded and refilled. For completion of the model, two coats of a textured spray paint were applied to give the model its final, highly realistic, stone appearance.

The finished statue has a total height of 3,400 mm/11.1 ft. and was exhibited alongside the Massivit 3D printers at a show in the Netherlands.

3d printed greek statue huge size


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