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Bridge by Coca Cola Opens Its New Startup Facility In Style

“Bridge by Coca Cola”, a startup accelerator program run by Coca Cola, was about to launch its chic new facilities in the trendy Rothschild Boulevard in downtown Tel Aviv, and the second year of its program.

Add A Fun Dimension To Your Events

To celebrate the opening of the new facility, a high-profile event was organized for program members, Coca Cola managers from Turkey and the US headquarters, as well as leaders from the investment, technology and financial community. The event organizers were looking for some cool design elements to reflect the young urban style of the new facility.

We need a cool 3D solution – and we need it fast!
Just two weeks before the event, Massivit 3D was approached by the organizers to create some 3D elements that would both serve the event party, and be incorporated later as a permanent fixture within the Bridge’s interior space.

Following a meeting between the Massivit 3D team, its customer E.S. Digital, and Coca Cola’s interior designers, the decision was made to create a wall decoration comprising 3D printed Coca Cola bottle caps in different sizes and colors, and finished with a letter to spell: “The Bridge”.

Additionally, a 3D printed, super-size bottle of coke was commissioned to serve as an eye catcher for visitors at the entrance to the building.

Massivit 1800 does the job in just a few hours!
The objects were printed on the Massivit 1800. It took only 4 hours to print the super-size coke bottle and about 5 hours to print all nine bottle caps.

E.S. Digital, a recent convert to the wonders of 3D Printing, handled also the finishing work: the bottle was painted Coke red, with Bridge’s logo applied using a white paint layer. The bottle caps were painted on the sides, black, red and white, and the bottle cap faces were finished with self-adhesive vinyl.


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