Creating a 3d printed selfie point

To promote a new airport app, 3D printing  bridges the digital world with the real world – with a 3D printed selfie point.
Creating A Different Selfie 3D Campaign With Massivit 4 169x300 1


Tel-Aviv’s international airport named after Mr. Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, promoted a new application – Ben- Gurion Digital, a platform facilitating home check-in and other digital services. The airport authorities create a cross media campaign that included TV commercials and a social media campaign. It became viral when selfies were involved.

A social media campaign with a physical twist

The airport app and campaign were branded with a cute, cartoon style figure of Mr. Ben-Gurion, called “Benji”. The airport authorities ordered a 3D printed figure of Benji holding a passport in one hand and a suitcase in the other. The 3D printed sculpture was then installed in the airport’s departures area, and passengers were invited to take a selfie together with the 3D figure of Ben-Gurion, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and get a T-shirt in return.

Amazing Results

Hundreds and thousands of people took selfies with ‘Benji’. The vast majority uploaded their selfie directly to their own Facebook and shared it. There were moments during the campaign when you could see a line of people waiting for their turn to take a selfie with Benji. The 3D Benji print display was popular with kids, youth, families and even adults, who found it entertaining to stop and take their selfie with Benji.

From digital world to physical world

Benji was created in the digital world for the creation of the animated commercials for the app. The easiest way to create Benji’s real life figure was to simply 3D print it and this was done with the Massivit 1800 printer.

Benji’s figure was finished with coating material to make the display super smooth and painted to complete the final look.


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