Trade show booth with 3d elements draws attention

Massivit 3D created a trade show booth with 3D elements and it drew a lot of attention.

Massivit 3D made its first appearance at Drupa 2016. Drupa considered to be the ‘Olympics of the printing industry’ – a huge milestone for the industry, held every four years.

The exhibition has over 1800 exhibitors competing on the attention of the visitors. Most exhibitors commence preparations for Drupa as soon as the previous show ends, taking advantage of the four years to plan and execute their appearance.

Massivit 3D, on the other hand, only registered to exhibit at the end of the 2015 show. This late registration and being a small company with limited resources, resulted in a small booth, in a remote location. We were up for a great challenge in drawing visitors to its booth and competing with large companies exhibiting with hundreds and thousands of square meter booths.

We had to think out-of-the-box and create something different and unique. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how large 3D printed objects, made on Massivit 1800, can stand out and draw attention. We executed this by creating the following 3D printed models:

  • A single billboard in a central location in the Dusseldorf Messe, with the rear of a pink elephant
  • A large 3D printed sculpture of a bull, at the north entrance to the exhibition
  • Few large 3D printed objects displayed in the booth, with a large cookie that was placed on a spinning motor at the top of the booth, which could be seen from a distance.

The impression of these elements was so strong on visitors that one of the reporters (Andy McCourt) headlined his Drupa summary article as “Drupa’s pink elephants”

With the help of these 3D printed models, a buzz was created about the company and it became the ‘talk of the show’ and a landmark in Drupa.

We proved that 3D elements have a great impact and can make a show!


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