Large Format 3D Printing Is Growing: Be The Leader In Your Region

3D CAD software, 3D social media platforms, and large scale 3D printing are all examples of the additive manufacturing industry that’s continually growing larger.
3d printed image of the Hulk for a blog post Large Format 3D Printing Is Growing

This new printing technology is spreading around the world. Continually, you’ll find new platforms, new websites, and in the case of large format 3D printing, new distributors.

Large Format 3D Printing is Getting Larger

Massivit specializes in manufacturing large format 3D printers. The Massivit 1800 has a printing area 1.8 m high. Who would need such a giant 3D printer? Apparently, a growing number of businesses.

In January 2017, Massivit had 24 distributors. Twelve months later, the number grew by 13. These distributors span the globe. They provide our large format printers to printing houses, service bureaus, PSPs, digital print providers, and scenic construction manufacturers who service businesses in:

  • Signage
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Retail and Display Advertising
  • Scenic and Stage
  • Entertainment and Theme Parks
  • Art

The businesses are succeeding by adding large format 3D to their existing large format 2D. Or they simply add Massivit to their array of 3D printing capabilities. Their clients, in turn, are beginning to seek out large format 3D. The companies that can deliver are getting the jobs. Read ES Digital’s and Dekom 3D Plus’ stories.

What’s Leading the Expansion of this New Printing Technology?

Near the end of 2017, the final distributor joined Massivit before the apple dropped in Times Square. And this distributor is located nowhere near New York. Digital Dot is in Belgium and serves that country and the Netherlands. Since 1999, they have provided the European market with large and super large format digital printers.

The move to large format 3D was only a matter of time. Time is now on their side because they are the first  distributor in their region to offer large format 3D printing.

Large format 3d printing samplesWith Massivit, Digital Dot’s customers will now have the ability to print virtually anything, and print it quickly. The dual engines and nozzles along with the super-fast curing allow this large format printer to complete jobs faster than smaller desktop versions.

See for yourself.

Digital Dot will be at RapidPro March 7-8 in Koningshof, Veldhoven in the Netherlands. Guess what they’re bringing? You’ll get to see the giant Massivit printer up close, and you’ll get to see it in action. There will also be plenty of samples to start you thinking about how offering this new large format printing technology will help you make your customer base larger.

Are you ready to learn how this large 3D printer can help your business? Fill out the form and we will be in touch.


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