Macy’s 3d printed flamingo

They work with a variety of materials to fabricate numerous systems of display formats, high-quality visual props, digital graphics, dimensional letters, illuminated accents, special signage and branding décor.
Flamingo project Big Apple Visual Group23 150x150 1

Recently, Big Apple purchased the Massivit 1800 large format 3D printer, and immediately set out to work to produce that ‘wow’ factor for their clients.

The first project was the creation of a tall elegant 3D printed flamingo, which was to be displayed in Macy’s front shop window, as part of Carolina Herrera’s display of their new summer collection.

With a vertical speed of up to 350 mm/13.7 inc. per hour it dramatically sped up production time to only one day, compared to traditional methods, which would have

taken at least several days. It was printed in three separate parts at a total height of 2 m/6.5 ft. They were then glued together with Massivit’s own Dimengel and a handheld UV lamp.

Once the model was assembled, with the expertise of the fabrication team, car filler was then used, following sanding of the flamingo.  Thereafter, primer was used to get an uniformed colour, in addition to a better adhesive surface. Leaving just the finishing touches to spray paint in pink, before looking like nothing less than a real flamingo.

Upon completion, it was placed inside Macy’s front store window, creating a vibrant eye-catching window display, as the center piece surrounded by five mannequins showcasing Carolina Herrera’s new summer collection.

The flamingo grabbed the attention of shoppers generating a stopping power buzz just in time for summer.



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