Re-creating history at the speed of 3d printing

Israel Railways corporation is a heritage that stretches back almost a century.
Re creating History at the Speed of 3D Printing 3


Mathov Design, Ltd. specializes in design, development, production and maintenance of various products related to product development, industrial design, as well as the making of models for museums and visitor centers, etc.

Re-creating History At The Speed Of 3D Printing

As part of Israel’s Railways relocation to new offices, Mathov were asked to create a full-size 1:1 model replicating the first locomotive operating in Israel.

Making History in Several Parts

Various modeling techniques were employed to create the different parts of the locomotive model. However, in order to meet a tight deadline, Mathov decided to use Massivit’s printing technology to create the locomotive’s chimney and bell. The design firm were also motivated by a desire to incorporate innovative technologies in the replica creation process, reflecting the exhibition “progress and history”.

The large format parts were 3D printed using the Massivit 1800, then hardened with polyester and fiberglass. It took just 5 hrs. to complete the bell and used 7 kg Massivit’s gel Dimengel and the chimney took 8 hrs. to complete, using 12 kg of Dimengel. Due to their lightweight hollow construction, the parts were easy to handle and assemble.

Their highly-trained staff, expertise, comprehensive management along with use of newest technology, ensures that the customer will receive the highest quality product, which will fit precisely to specifications.

The replica model formed part of an exhibit presenting progress and history, which is showcased at the corporation’s new headquarters.


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