Silence of the sharks

SILENCE OF THE SHARKS is a global underwater campaign against shark hunting, initiated by producer David Pilosof in cooperation with shark conservation organizations worldwide.
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The campaign is composed of a series of mass dives held in many different countries around the world. Each dive is an underwater protest hosting tens or hundreds of divers equipped with waterproof banners and speaking up in the name of

The artist Shlomo Cohen digitally designed the project’s logo, symbolizing a shark hugging. The first protest dive which was
held in Eilat, consisted of 87 divers speaking up in the name of 70 million sharks.  For the official opening dive of the
campaign, a model of this shark was printed on the Massivit 1800 printer, with a size of 2 m/6.5 ft. from head to tail.

The advantage of Massivit printing hollowed objects, enabled the shark to dive 30 meters deep, with small holes, that were made manually after the printing was completed. This enabled the water to penetrate and prevent it from collapsing under the deep sea pressure.

The model was introduced and displayed on the stage, then headed out into the deep water accompanied with the divers.
During the dive, the begging-shark statue served as the anchor for all divers.

Following the premier dive, the municipality of Eilat decided to turn the shark figure into a sculpture that will watch over the Eilat bay, which will both decorate the promenade, as well as remind all visitors, divers and citizens that sharks are protected. The 3D printed shark logo was then coated with fiberglass, painted in grey and was placed on a metal pole situated on the city’s Southern promenade.

The shark is now a beautiful permanent city sculpture, standing in the hot Israeli weather.

Creating this one of a kind sculpture, demonstrates the advantages of printing with the Massivit 1800 and the 3D printing
process. It was a full digital process from design to creation, with a hollowed print, thus easy to carry and handle, and be
taken to the deep water. It is strong and acceptable to coating, and enabling it to become a permanent city sculpture.




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