When You Can’t Get A Celebrity, Print One With Wide Format 3D Printing

When customers know that you provide wide format 3D printing, they come to you with their wildest ideas because anything is possible to create.
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Even celebrities. Dekom 3D Plus got a crazy cool job because they had wide format 3D printing in their capabilities “tool box.” Guess who they printed?

The Challenge: Stand Out At A Tradeshow

A cycling clothing manufacturer was looking forward to the next tradeshow. The event was only weeks away. It’s exciting to plan a tradeshow booth, considering what elements to bring, to build, and to show the hundreds of potential customers. Many vendors display their wares with attention-grabbing music or giveaways, making it more challenging to attract visitors to your booth.

Cycling trade shows are no different. The clothing manufacturer knew their product was outstanding, but to stand out, they needed an attention-grabbing feature in their booth.

They wanted a 3D model of celebrity cyclist, Chris Froome. Froome is a four-time winner of the Tour de France and the reigning champion of that race. He also holds the crown of the Vuelta a España race as well.

The manufacturer knew Dekom 3D Plus had the Massivit 1800 wide format 3D printer. So Dekom got the call.

The Solution: Use Wide Format 3D Printing to Print A Celebrity Rider

Dekom 3D Plus has many creative capabilities and is known for their top-class work. Their acquisition of the Massivit wide format 3D printer removed the ceiling of what they could accomplish. It gave them the ability to create virtually anything, and create it quickly.

3D printing design, a cycler for a store display. Because of this, printing a mannequin of Chris Froome was possible. And because of the speed at which this cutting-edge wide format 3D printer works, using two nozzles and patented, super-fast curing, Dekom knew they could get the job done in time.

The Dekom team received scanned images of the athlete and deftly turned them into a 3D design model. Print. Finish. Dress. From start to finish, it took just three weeks.

Wide Format 3D Printing Made It Possible

Massivit’s wide format 3D printer made this project possible. Thanks to the freedom of 3D design software, the capacity of the Massivit 1800, the Massivit 1800at which the printer completes models, and the talent of the crew at Dekom, “Chris Froome” made it to Eurobike. And he made quite an impression in the client’s booth.

After successfully showing off his stuff at this tradeshow, the Froome mannequin was duplicated and used as point of purchase displays.3D printed cycler, created with additive manufacturing Tell your clients about wide format 3D printing and let them know anything is possible.


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