World’s first 3d printed pop-up store

OMUS (now SEEN Technology), a specialty 3D print provider in Australia and an early adopter of Massivit 3D’s technology, established itself as a pioneer of large format 3D printing within the retail, staging, events and architectural design arenas.
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SEEN Technology received a request on behalf of Louis Vuitton’s design agency, Gold Coast Displays, to produce a visually-stunning, structurally-sound megastructure outlet, that could endure sustained use in a busy public environment. It needed to serve as an attention-grabbing platform for the premiere of the brand’s latest menswear collection for Louis Vuitton, at Sydney’s
Westfield shopping center.

Given the complexity of the design and the short turnaround time, 3D printing was the only viable production method available.

To assist with the magnitude of the print job, SEEN enlisted the help of another Massivit 3D customer, Sydney-based Composite Images to create the display. Utilising the Massivit 1800’s unrivaled print speed of up to 35 centimeter/14 inch per hour, two printers were deployed around the clock, each using dual print heads to produce two hollow panels

The pop-up store structure was divided to panels, and in total it consisted of more than 30 panels, creating an eye-catching
3D model of 9 meter/29 feet wide by 11.5 meter/37 feet long and 2.7 meter/9 feet tall was created. Due to the time pressure and
magnitude of work, SEEN shifted gears and started to print 24/7.

To strengthen the structure, ‘ribs’ were added in the interior of each panel. To ensure none of the large flat side walls
deforms, indentions were added to these walls. A special ‘mega layers’ print mode was used for some of the files, a print mode that prints in one contour thicker walls.

The entire display was then finished in chrome mirror self-adhesive vinyl, adorned with distinctive Louis Vuitton-designed animal prints matching the theme of the menswear collection on display and installed by a small team in 24 hours.

Louis Vuitton and its design agency were delighted with the finished result; it surpassed their expectations in terms of its
striking visual appeal and realised their original vision to radiate the opulence of the company’s safari-inspired men’s line.



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