Armani steps into the future with 3d printed billboard

When thinking of billboards, one rarely thinks of state-of-the-art advertising, as the medium has existed in some form for centuries. Thanks to recent technologies, however, the giant, road-side adverts have gotten a new lease on life.
affichage rencontre la 3D

 3D printing, for instance, is occasionally being used to transform the two-dimensional boards into dynamic three-dimensional installations, often resulting in a highly justified second glance from passersby.
The 3D printed components of the billboard—a shoe and partial leg—were 3D printed by Colorzenith using its large-format Massivit 3D printer. Massivit, an expert in large-format 3D printing offers two 3D printers, the Massivit 1800 with a build volume of 145 x 111 x 180 cm and the Massivit 1500 with a capacity of 147 x 117 x 137 cm.

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