From retail to entertainment, 3d printing is changing everything

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in the field of visual communications is the adoption of large-format 3D printing. The power of this technology to wow audiences and draw them in is immense.
From retail to entertainment 3D printing is changing everything min

 I mean, what could be cooler than an 8-foot baseball player mannequin in a sporting goods store? Customers eyes are magnetically drawn toward it, pulling them in to interact with it.
Not only can stores get these 3D displays in front of their audiences faster, they also have the creative freedom to print exactly what they come up with. Large-format 3D printers like the Massivit 1800 Pro will create an exact replica from a digital file, and having that file means duplicates can always be reproduced simply and efficiently. Better yet, slight variations of the original can be made to customize displays for different countries, regions, or even individual store branches. Large-format 3D printing has rewritten the playbook on how to create spectacular window displays.

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