Know These 3 Trends Before Attending SGIA Expo

SGIA Expo 2018 promises to be a whirlwind experience: three days (October 18 – 20), 25K visitors, 600+ exhibitors, and more than 70 educational sessions. Wow! One thing’s for sure — this event will give a superb, condensed overview of the print industry and the latest trends, hot topics, and tech.
SGIA Expo sign at the print industry expo surrounded by casino themed screens and printed die and cards.

We’ve focused this blog on significant trends in three retail segments that will feature prominently at this year’s SGIA Expo: Window Graphics, Soft Signage (SEG frames), and Dimensional Signage. Knowing these trends will help you to make the most of your time, and investments, at the rapidly-approaching SGIA Expo.

Window Graphics and Retail Displays


The death of retail stores has been greatly exaggerated. According to the Deloitte 2018 industry report, Global Powers of Retailing, 90% of worldwide retail sales are still made in physical stores. That’s great news for printers, sign makers, and wide format printers.
Shoppers are merging online shopping and research with in-store purchases, and retailers are beginning to recognize the importance of including dynamics in their displays. These “dynamics” do not have to be actual moving parts, although they can be, but there are other methods. For example, animated LED backlighting, digitally-printed window graphics, and window frosts. All are short-term and can typically be installed by the retailer’s employees.

Soft Signage: Banners, Signs and Posters


A recent survey by Wide-Format Impressions and NAPCO Research found 55% of printers are concerned about rising shipping costs. This puts the spotlight on soft signage (SEG frames).

Fabric weighs significantly less than vinyl and other materials typically used to manufacture signs; therefore, shipping costs are lower. This explains the growing demand for soft signage in the U.S. In fact, respondents in the survey mentioned above felt that soft signage will be the second-biggest growth opportunity in the next 12 months and the publication went so far as to call it the “new darling” of the industry.

At SGIA Expo, you can hear more about the opportunities in this market at EFI’s talk by Mike Wozny, Soft Signage is Everywhere! Grasp the Possibilities! October 18 at 1:30 pm in room N115.

Dimensional Signage


When you think about it, there is only so big a sign can be and so vibrant and life-like that colors can get. When you reach this limit, what’s next? The answer: dimensional signage.
Whether it’s channel letters or large format 3D elements added to conventional wide format signs, 3D gets attention.

Companies that offer 3D technology, especially large-format 3D printing, open the door to more opportunities. According to Richard Romano of What they Think, “the ability to create a wide variety of different kinds of objects using different textures, colors, and transparency levels lends itself to as many sectors as possible…”



How can a wide format printing provider merge large format 3D printing with their existing offering? Romano points out this is reminiscent of the early 2000s when wide format printing first emerged as a new technology. In order to expand and differentiate their business, PSPs need to embrace new technology and thinking that enables them to overcome the creative and practical limitations of traditional printing methods.
Hear first-hand how Craig M. Miller, owner of Las Vegas-based print service, Pictographics, adopted large format 3D printing into his traditional 2D printing and how it has paid off. His talk, Abracadabra! How to Incorporate 3D Printing Technology and Campaigns into your Wide Format Print Business, will take place at SGIA Expo on Saturday, Oct. 20 from 9:00 – 10:00 in room N117.
And of course, don’t miss out on a visit to Massivit at Booth 2969. Click to register for a live 3D printing demo or for a meeting.

We hope to see you at the SGIA Expo!


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