10 Amazing Creations With a Very Large Volume 3D Printer

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Image of a 3d advertising desin of a hamburger and a take-away bag that reads "Think Out Of The Box"

The possibilities with a large volume 3D printer are endless. Print service providers and service bureaus that own a large volume 3D printer, a “magic box” of sorts, are continually inventing new applications that inspire and impress their customers. Here are 10 examples.


Giant Soft Signage or SEG Frames



Large Batman Soft Signage or SEG Frame
Soft signage is a high resolution fabric graphic inserted into a frame. It’s also called a SEG frame. Because the Massivit 1500 and Massivit 1800 printers have a large print volume area, they can create large frames in one printing session, customized to any shape. Once the frame is 3D printed, you can apply LED lighting and fabric. (Lighting provides greater impact.) The whole process takes 2-3 hours, and voila, you have a trendy sign to hang and start bringing in new business.


Channel Letters for Brands



Channel Lettering 3D Printed with Large Volume 3D Printer
Channel letters are the classic vehicle used to promote a business onsite and attract customers. Typically, they have been made of metal or plastic and are often illuminated for a greater effect. Printing channel letters with a large volume 3D printer saves enormous time by avoiding the first seven steps of traditional fabrication. Of course, they don’t have to be limited to retail. Have you ever included illuminated channel letters in your trade show booth? #Bright-Idea


Molds for Thermoforming



Molds Produced on Large Volume 3D Printer for Thermoforming Components for Vehicle Wrapping
This new 3D printing application looks to be very promising and profitable. Molds can be easily and rapidly 3D printed, often within a couple of hours. From these thermoformed molds you can create multiple 3D graphic displays, but without the traditional requirement of producing thousands for a given campaign. 3D design software takes the guesswork out and ensures a perfect mold.




3D Printed Components on Wrapped Bus Care of Carisma NY


Point of Purchase Displays to Increase Sales



3D Printed Point of Sale Display - Squirrel with Chocolates
The beauty of additive manufacturing with Massivit 3D’s Dimengel is you use only the material needed for visual impact, without support structures. Typically, you don’t even have to 3D print extra support material — the stuff that ends up in the garbage can. Dimengel also 3D prints and cures immediately, allowing you to say “Yes” when a client needs their concept brought to market in a hurry. Yes, we know… they need all their jobs in a hurry.


Mobile Billboards to Stop Pedestrians in Their Path



3D Printed Mobile Billboard for Crowd Stopping Campaigns
With a printing area of 145cm x 111cm x 180cm (57” x 44” x 70”), the Massivit 1800 printer took just 8 hours to create this mobile billboard. The bottle spent mornings and afternoons driving under the hot, summer desert sun. It withstood the heat. . .and got people to drink.


Are you beginning to see how this large format digital printing wonder can help you penetrate new markets?

Selfie Points to Go Viral



3D Printed Selfie Point by Moti Digital 3D on Massivit 1800 Printer
When you have a large volume 3D printer that’s able to print a 6-foot (1.8-meter) tall person, the world is your oyster. In fact, you can print any size character by connecting parts together. Our customers 3D print celebrities, icons, mascots, models. . .you name it. Supersize it, strategically place it, and watch people line up to touch and selfie it. What about a giant sized friendly skeleton to ensure your brand goes viral? Moti Digital took the concept of “unlimited possibilities” seriously, and 3D printed this colossal character at 8.4m (26.5ft) wide for the Festival of Lights in Guadalajara.


Custom Mannequins for Retail



3D Printed Retail Point of Sale Mannequin
People are no problem to 3D print. Even celebrities. A cycling clothing manufacturer wanted a celebrity rider to model its sports clothes. Instead of hiring a celebrity, they 3D printed him as a Point of Sale display! Tour de France champ, Chris Froome, had his entire body scanned. From here, 3D file was created including the mobile phone Chris forgot to remove from his back pocket. The software made editing easy. Chis was 3D printed in separate parts by Dekom 3D Plus, so as to make it easy for the shops to dress and re-dress him in various fashion items as needed. Large volume 3D printing allows for entirely customized campaigns, meaning each location could host a different sports star or body pose.


Exhibition Design and Props



3D Printed Exhibition Display Wave
Special events call for special guests. Sometimes these guests appear in the form of exhibition pieces that exude pizazz or atmosphere to the event itself. When they are created in a large volume 3D printer, attendees never fail to be impressed. Multiple models can be printed with just a couple clicks and flexible transparency levels available with Massivit printers allow for awesome illumination creativity.


3D Printed Interior Decor



3D Printed Decor by SismaItalia on
Who would have thought to create interior design elements with large volume 3D printing? Lots of people, that’s who. Massivit 1800 owners, like SismaItalia, are increasingly asked to print chairs, tables, shelving, and more. Why? 3D CAD software enables designers to create decor that fits difficult spatial constraints, is lightweight, is easy to illuminate, and opens up fabulous creative options. The pieces are practical and often stunning.


Lighting Fixtures that Please the Eye



Interior Decor Lamp Produced on Large Volume 3D Printer
With a large volume 3D printer like the Massivit 1800 or Massivit 1500, you can 3D print an entire light fitting in one shot. Making the fixture hollow to add light is a piece of 3D-printed cake, and the software lets you create any shape.


Restoration of Antiquities and Architecture



3D Printed Architectural Capital for Restoration of Antiquities
In historic Italy, five capitals on a 19th Century palace desperately needed repair to preserve the beauty and antiquity of the building on which they presided. Instead of opting for marble, the city enlisted the help of SismaItalia’s Massivit’s high tech and large volume 3D printer to replicate the capitals. The result was a spot-on match that restored the character of the building’s ancient facade using the latest technology.


What new application is next? Maybe you can tell us. What ideas do you have cooking? What inspiration do you want to bring to life? Or, if you would like to find out how to incorporate 3D printing into your current business, submit the form on the right side of the page.


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